Sierra Leone Geodata Launch and Exhibition
"Leveraging Geodata Management Systems and Good Governance to Improve the Mines and Minerals Sector"

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Musa Timothy Kabba

Minister of
Mines and Mineral Resources

Ann Marie Harding (Mrs)

Deputy Minister of
Mines and Mineral Resources

Julius Daniel Mattai

Director General of
National Minerals Agency

Sierra Leone's Mines & Minerals Sector

Sierra Leone is richly endowed with minerals such as iron ore, rutile, diamonds, bauxite, gold, platinum, zircon, ilmenite, chromite and columbite-tantalite (coltan).

Since April 2018, the Government has issued three large-scale mining licences (i.e., Seawright Mining Company Ltd, Wongor Investment Mining Company Ltd, and Meya Mining Company Ltd) in Kono District, in addition to Koidu Ltd. Also, for the firsttime since 1961, the Government has issued large-scale mining licences in Bo District (i.e., FG Gold Ltd); in Kenema District (i.e., Sierra Diamonds Ltd); in Koinadugu District (Cheng-Li Mining Company Ltd for gold); and in Kambia District (Supreme Mining Ltd for bauxite). In 2020, mining operations also re-started in Tonkolili District by Dayu Mining Company Ltd and Kingho Mining Company Ltd.

The number of large-scale mining companies has increased from six in April 2018, to 13 in April 2021. This includes operations in Moyamba and Bonthe Districts by Sierra Minerals Holdings Ltd and Sierra Rutile (Iluka) Ltd. The number of small-scale mining companies have increased from six in April 2018 to 17 in April 2 021.

The main legislation that governs the sector is the Mines and Minerals Act of 2009, which, though widely perceived to be very competitive, is currently being reviewed to ensure that its provisions are transparent, stable, comprehensive, and consistent with industry best practice.


In 2019, the Government launched three key policies: the Minerals Policy; Artisanal Mining Policy; and Geo-Data Management Policy, to promote and protect investments; ensure that Sierra Leone derives maximum benefits from its mineral wealth; promote value addition and economic linkages; increase geological knowledge; improve environmental and social management; and formalize the artisanal mining sector.


The country maintains a sophisticated Mining Cadastre Administration System (MCAS) and an Online Portal that support the effective, efficient and transparent administration and management of mineral rights. The Portal displays revenue and other useful data and information pertaining to mineral applications and rights. This Portal can be easily accessed from anywhere, at anytime and on any internet-based device free of charge.

What Are We Launching?

The Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources (MMMR) and the National Minerals Agency (NMA) have designed the Geodata Launch and Exhibition Event to celebrate and showcase progress made in Sierra Leone’s mines and minerals sector.


The Event entails the launch of the deliverables from the Nationwide Airborne Geophysical Survey (“NAGS”) and the Enterprise Geoscientific Information Management System (“eGIMS”) and the NMA Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025 (“SP 2020-2025”).


It is an opportunity for investors, mining companies, banks and financial institutions, legal firms and various product/service providers to join Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Development Partners and other key 

stakeholders to share experiences and ideas on the investment opportunities and challenges in the mines and minerals sector.

The Eventwill p rovideva ried networkingplatforms for delegates to make meaningful connections for long term partnership and collaborations. It offers a platform for presentations, interactive discussions, business matchmaking, networking and exhibition of products and services.

Through collaborative efforts, there are so many initiatives ongoing as integral part of a successful mining industry in Sierra Leone. These are the opportunities the Government, through the MM MR and the NMA, seeks to actively promote.

The National Airborne Geophysical Survey

In January 2019, the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) commissioned a high-resolution (150m line spacing and 50m terrain clearance) Nationwide Airborne Geophysical Survey (NAGS) using magnetic and radiometric sensors to improve the country’s geophysical and geological knowledge, determine the full extent of its mineral potential and to assist various stakeholders. Investors in the mining sector can now quickly and confidently select prospective areas for mineral rights applications at a reduced cost and risk.

The NAGS was funded by the World Bank under the Extractive Industries Technical Assistance Project 2 (EITAP2) and supervised by the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources (MMMR) and the National Minerals Agency (NMA). The NAGS was designed by Geofocus (Pty) Limited (South Africa). Data were acquired and processed by Xcalibur Airborne Geophysics (South Africa) and interpreted by Patterson Grant and Watson Limited (Canada). Reid Geophysics Limited (UK) provided survey supervision and quality control.

The Enterprise Geoscientific Information Management System

The NMA is now leveraging advancements in Cloud computing, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, mobile devices, and drone technology to effectively and efficiently carry out its functions and mandate. The NMA undertook
an in-house design, development and deployment of an Enterprise Geoscientific Information Management System (eGIMS), which comprises two major components: (1) A Geoscience Data Portal for managing the datasets delivered from the Airborne Geophysical Survey; (2) An ArcGIS Enterprise suite of applications which provides sophisticated tools and functionality for capturing, storing, accessing, managing, analyzing, mapping, modelling, publishing, reporting and sharing various geoscientific data, information and knowledge.

The NMA Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025

Sierra Leone’s mines and minerals sector is regulated by the National Minerals Agency (NMA), which is a semiautonomous professional body established by an Act of Parliament in 2012, to carry out the day-today implementation of the Mines and Minerals Act 2009 and other supporting regulations. The Agency is responsible for promoting the development of the mines and minerals sector by effectively and efficiently managing the administration of mineral rights and minerals trading in Sierra Leone; data collection activities and promoting the rights of mining communities. The NMA Board of Directors is the Agency’s governing body, with ultimate accountability for the Agency’s performance. The Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources supervises the Agency. The NMA Strategic Plan 2020-2025, which was developed and designed in-house by the NMA Board of Directors and staff, cogently provides the direction in which the Agency intends to move as well as the results, outcomes and impacts the Agency aims to achieve.

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